5th Light Festival

Lovran, 16/11/2024

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5th Light Festival “SVJETLARNA LOVRAN 2024”

Lovran, St. George’s Square 16/11/2024
The Light Festival Lovran is an immersive light spectacle that, with specially created audio-visual effects and animations, brings to life the facades of buildings and houses in the medieval squares of Lovran. The author’s team of artists creates a program that, with a special type of laser projector, is projected onto the facades of picturesque houses in the old town, including some surprises. It is a project in cooperation with the Academy of Applied Arts of the University of Rijeka, which is jointly organized by the Lovran Municipality and the Lovran Tourist Board.

Its fourth edition in 2023 aroused great interest and enthusiasm among visitors, so we invite you to stop by our small town on Saturday, November 16, 2024 and enjoy the charms of Lovran during autumn as well.

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