48th Marunada Festival

Lovran 13/10 – 15/10/2023
Dobreć 21/10 – 22/10/2023
Liganj 28/10 – 29/10/2023

About the event

Marunada is the name of the food festival that takes place every October in honour of this fruit, which has become a kind of symbol of the town.

During the festival, which also includes music, visitors can taste roasted sweet chestnuts as well as desserts and various other specialities prepared with this delicious fruit – even brandy and beer! The prestigious British newspaper The Guardian listed Marunada among its Top 10 European autumn food festivals.

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Marunada Festival
LOVRAN 13/10 – 15/10/2023
DOBREĆ 21/10 – 22/10/2023
LIGANJ 28/10 – 29/10/2023

Every weekend in October in the Liburnian region is reserved for traditional festivals. This year, the 48th Marunada will be held in the Lovran area. An autumn festival that celebrates the Lovran marron, a high-quality delicacy fruit known throughout our beautiful country and beyond. Marunada will be held during three weekends, and the main event will be held in Lovran during the weekend of October 13th to October 15th. The opening of Marunada is traditionally entrusted to the youngest, who learn through workshops how our elders lived. During the three days of events in Lovran and later in surroundings, a rich cultural, artistic and musical program is offered along with gastronomic delicacies based on this autumn fruit. Try the cakes, ice cream, chestnut cocktail, as well as the culinary specialties in which this autumn delicacy fits.

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