Gastro Calendar

Each season has its own specialities

Local foods in tune with the seasons: this is the secret of every successful speciality. The gastro calendar provides an overview of traditional dishes for all times of the year.

The inhabitants of Lovran and its surroundings have learned to live in harmony with nature, adjusting their menus to the season. Spring, summer, autumn and winter all have their own specialities and foods. Dishes prepared with local and seasonal ingredients are still today the basis of Lovran’s cuisine.


Since the times when the Učka area was inhabited by Slavic tribes, the transition from winter to spring has meant the awakening of life, literally and metaphorically. The weather is getting more pleasant, food more available, and diet more varied. Spring brings new energy to nature and to people. The changes are also visible on the plate: instead of heavy winter food, it is now full of greens.
This is the period of wild forest produce, which has been part of the Mediterranean diet since time immemorial: asparagus, nettles and spring onions, which all go well with young lamb. This was especially so in the hinterland, where a heartier diet inspired by the harvest of the forest prevailed. The coastal area, on the other hand, relied more on maneštra vegetable soup and seafood dishes, primarily small oily fish, but also the delicious sea bream, which comes closer to the coast in the spring months. The ideal side dish in the spring is chard, cooked and seasoned with a few drops of olive oil.
As for fruit, spring is characterised by strawberries and early cherries, as the perfect final treat.


The summer heat requires light, low-calorie foods. That is why the Mediterranean diet, which has been followed in Lovran for thousands of years, is ideal for this period. The basis is seafood, green vegetables, locally grown olive oil, and wine from grapes ripened in the sun-drenched vineyards on the slopes of Mount Učka.
This season is characterised by food diversity: the menu often includes vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini and onions, but also garlic and basil, which give each dish a special and memorable taste.
In the summertime, barbecue is a favourite choice for both fish and meat dishes. Vegetable and octopus salads are also popular, as are scampi cocktails, or scampi and mussel buzara.
For a sweet finish, desserts are prepared with blueberries and raspberries as well as peaches, apricots and juicy figs. A perfect refreshment is a scoop of ice cream from one of Lovran’s cafés.

Za slatki završetak obroka kombinira se bobičasto voće poput borovnica i malina, kao i breskve, marelice i sočne smokve, a pravo osvježenje donosi i kuglica sladoleda iz lovranskih kavana.


Autumn is a season that brings change. Though initially full of colour, as it progresses nature cools and slows, and a very varied diet is called for. Once again, a fruit of the forest plays a leading role: the mushroom is one of the best boosters of immunity and an excellent source of the vitamin D the body increasingly lacks as the sunlight diminishes.
Along with mushrooms, one of the most recognisable symbols of autumn is the sweet chestnut. In October, Lovran is the venue of the Marunada sweet chestnut festival, dedicated to sweets and dishes prepared with the marun, a local type of chestnut prized for its size and special taste. It also tastes great when roasted!
The list of autumn foods is very long: pumpkins, kale, spinach, sweet potatoes and root vegetables, which are often prepared in a maneštra thick soup or stew. As for fruits, along with sweet chestnuts this season also brings plums, grapes and apples, ideal for making great desserts or jams for the winter months.


Winter brings peace, tranquillity and relaxation. It is a time when nature is at rest, but also when our bodies need the highest calorie intake to keep warm during the cold days. This is when stronger and heartier foods and dishes come to the fore: legumes, beans and meat, especially game. On the table you will also find meat roasts with potatoes, dishes prepared under a peka baking lid, sausages with sauerkraut, or beans with pasta, beetroot or dried meat.
Holidays and festivities traditionally require a special menu. While Christmas Eve, with its fish specialities (especially cod), recalls fast-day foods, Christmas Day and New Year are marked by sumptuous feasts with several courses and the inevitable roast.
Winter is also a time of fine desserts and cakes. The housewives of this region are proud of their traditional recipes, including crispy kroštuli and juicy fritule fritters, orehnjača nut rolls and crispy rolls.

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