Story of Lovran

A town with a turbulent and exciting history

Lovran today

In the 21st century, Lovran continues to develop as a modern destination based on the idea of sustainable tourism. It presents its rich history, unique location with an exceptional climate, beautiful nature, beaches with crystal-clear sea, cultural heritage, and gastronomy based on local ingredients and modern culinary trends to its many visitors in new and innovative ways.
The town will share its two-millennia-long history with anyone who walks its narrow cobbled streets squeezed between the roofs of the Mediterranean-style houses and goes through the town gate down to the harbour, the site of naval battles but also a link to distant destinations, or with anyone who walks through its parks among the villas with their distinctive architecture, or tries the desserts in the town’s cafés and the rich culinary offer in the excellent restaurants, or with anyone who dives into the blue sea and climbs the hiking trails to the top of Mount Učka, stopping in the sweet chestnut forests whose fruits can be tasted at the Marunada, a traditional event listed among the best food festivals in Europe.

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