Created by sea and legend

According to Greek mythology, the sorceress Medea, granddaughter of the sun god Helios and wife of the hero Jason (who went searching for the Golden Fleece with the Argonauts), found during her travels an irresistibly beautiful beach. The place where she bathed in the crystal-clear sea became famous across the Hellenic world and soon a new settlement developed here. The Greeks left these coasts where they once grew vines a long time ago and Medea remains only in literature and myth, but the beautiful beach and the place that was named after her – Medveja – today still capture the imagination of everyone who takes a swim in its crystal-clear sea.
Medveja is a place that perfectly connects two features of the Lovran area. It stretches along the slopes of Mount Učka, offering relaxation in the heart of nature, away from the crowds and stress, but its modern villas and holiday homes with a view of the sea provide a stay in the style of the Roman patricians who once chose this area to build their villa rustica.
The valley hides one of the most beautiful beaches on the Opatija Riviera. Each white pebble shining in the sun is a masterpiece of nature, shaped by a stream that flows down the slopes of Učka, and carved by the wind and waves. Next to the beach, there is a modern campsite.
Medveja was created by the sea. Once a picturesque coastal fishing village with a rural hinterland, today it is an attractive tourist destination located two kilometres from the centre of Lovran. Instead of fishermen, the beach is today visited by swimmers who enjoy its unique atmosphere at the foot of Istria’s highest mountain. Times have changed, but the connection between Medveja and the sea remains unbreakable.


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What does it take to have a perfect summer’s day? Sun, sea, a beautiful beach, and maybe a restaurant offering seafood specialities. And what about an inflatable water park? From an early morning coffee with a view of the sea to a cocktail at sunset, Medveja offers everything you need for an ideal day on the beach.

The old footpath from Medveja to Lovranska Draga not only reveals the area’s scenic beauty, but also offers an insight into the past, to a time when local people walked to their gardens and olive groves in the hinterland of the former fishing village.

The sea on the horizon and the olive groves and vineyards in the hinterland created the diet of the people of Medveja. Fish and seafood, olives, figs and fruits of the forest are the ingredients used to prepare impressive and delicious dishes. Discover them in the local restaurants and konoba-style taverns.

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