Lovranska Draga

A village built in harmony with nature

Lovranska Draga is located on a steep mountain ridge 360 metres above the sea. It is connected to the coastal place Medveja by attractive hiking trail that lead through natural scenery. Situated between the blue sea and sky, this place offers an impressive view of Kvarner Bay.
A village based on agriculture covered the slopes of the mountain with vineyards supplied with water by a stream called Potok, which flows into the sea at Medveja. The history of human settlement of Lovranska Draga is a long one: at Oporovina, the remains of prehistoric people were found who found shelter in the local caves.
The houses, almost hidden between the terraced vineyards and the green slopes of Učka in the background, are examples of fascinating rural architecture, and the whole area exudes the spirit of times gone by. Old traditional buildings, wells, stone bridges over fast and clear streams, and masterfully built dry stone walls blend perfectly into this picture, witnesses to the prodigious effort invested in creating a sustainable coexistence between man and nature.
The many years of relying solely on food of local origin has resulted in fantastic culinary specialities. One of the most famous is turnips and beans, a typical dish that is traditionally served at the Mihoja folk festival on the Feast of St Michael (29 September).
Lovranska Draga is an excellent starting point for exploring the scenic beauty of the area. The walking trails that start from Lovranska Draga lead not only to the sea but also to the mountain, the most famous being the Slap educational trail, which leads to Učka’s most beautiful waterfall.



The people of Lovranska Draga have learned to prepare culinary treats with local ingredients. Konoba Lovranska Draga tavern offers traditional cuisine, and Draga di Lovrana was the first Kvarner restaurant to receive a Michelin star. It offers excellent dishes inspired by local culinary traditions.

Lovranska Draga is the starting point of many attractive trails that lead both towards the sea and uphill to Mount Učka. The most beautiful one – Slap – leads to the most attractive torrential waterfall in this area through a sweet chestnut forest, introducing visitors to this endemic plant species by means of a series of interpretation boards.

Lovranska Draga was created in harmony with nature. The people here have been engaged in agriculture for centuries, striving to preserve the unspoilt nature that surrounds them. This is why today we can enjoy the beautiful sweet chestnut forests, attractive terraced vineyards, and trails that connect the sea and the mountain.

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