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Lovran has been attracting travellers for thousands of years, captivating them with the scenic beauty that makes it hard to leave this seashore. The oldest settlement on the Opatija Riviera dates back to the 1st century BC, when – according to tradition – the Roman patrician, statesman, general and cartographer Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa chose this place as his residence.
The first mention of the name Lauriana, from the 7th century, reveals that the town was named after the aromatic laurel that has filled the everyday life of Lovran with its unique scent to this day. The mediaeval town developed around the fortified mandrać, a harbour that connected Lovran with destinations near and far. The harbour, inevitably, also attracted adventurers, who spread the word about the beautiful and important town situated where the slopes of Učka plunge into the Adriatic Sea.
In the 12th century, the renowned Arab cartographer al-Idrisi spoke highly of Lovran’s shipbuilders and sailors. Five hundred years later, the famous travel writer Johann Valvasor praised the local produce: apart from the laurel after which the town was named, he was impressed by the large and sweet chestnuts and juicy Lovran cherries. These two fruits, whose taste cannot be matched anywhere in the world, are still the basis of local gastronomy.
What has attracted travellers from all parts of Europe for centuries still captivates visitors to Lovran today: the fortified harbour in the heart of the town, the tower that stands guard over it and the historic centre full of stories and legends; the great culinary offer based on local ingredients; the unique climate that combines fresh mountain air and sea spray; and the beautiful nature that conquers at first sight…


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Thousands of years of Lovran’s history are reflected in its Old Town. Narrow paths winding among the traditional houses lead to some of the most famous sights: the harbour in the heart of the town, the tower that stands guard over it, the remains of the defensive walls, and the Church of St George.

The Lungomare coastal promenade, which connects Lovran with other towns on the Opatija Riviera, on one side faces the blue sea, and on the other some of the most beautiful Secession-style villas. A walk along this promenade, enjoying the beautiful views and beneficial sea air, is an ideal recipe for relaxation.

Sweet chestnuts, cherries and laurel, along with wild asparagus, are the main local ingredients that have great local food events dedicated to them: the Marunada sweet chestnut festival, Lovran Cherry Days, and Asparagus Days. The area’s renowned restaurants have created unique dishes based on these local ingredients that can only be tasted in Lovran.

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