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One of the most famous symbols of Lovran and the Riviera is the 10-kilometer-long coastal promenade, which offers a great view of the sea and the architecture of historic villas.

Učka Nature Park

The mountainous area of the Učka Nature Park, in the hinterland of Lovran, with its distinctive landscapes and attractions offers a unique experience of staying in nature.

Old Town

The old town, once surrounded by a defensive wall and bastions, has preserved the historic core of Lovran and the starting point of your research.

Mandrać and Lovran Guc

For centuries, the port has meant life for the citizens of Lovran. Maritime, fisheries and shipbuilding were the basis of the economy. The Lovran guc was created on that tradition.

Lovran Villas

In just a few decades, 180 impressive villas have been built along the Lovran coast. They are characterized by luxury and wealth, but also stylistic eclecticism.

Medveja beach

The beach with its crystal-clear sea located at the foot of Istria’s highest mountain, and the picturesque coastal village of the same name are today a much sought-after tourist destination.

Lovranska Draga

A place hidden among the vineyards and green slopes of Učka, criss-crossed by paths that reveal the natural sights of the area.

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